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Toast to Mexico's Independence Day - Solmar Hotels & Resorts

About 1 year(s) ago by MediaConnect
Toast to Mexico's Independence Day - Solmar Hotels & Resorts

You may have lifted your glass to cheer Mexico on Cinco de Mayo. While that day is a great excuse for a party, it honors a battle that was won 50 years before Mexico gained independence. So raise your glass again today, September 16, the day Mexico became an independent nation.

Tequila Trivia

Your favorite beach-side drink, the margarita, wouldn't exist without tequila. But why is tequila a part of Mexico's spirits? Here are our picks for the top 7 tequila trivia. 

  1. Tequila comes from the blue agave plant. Although the plant is a succulent with thick leaves and is found in the desert, it's related to the lily, not to cacti.
  2. The drink doesn't come from the leaves, it comes from the heart of the plant. That can weigh as much as 200 pounds!
  3. No wonder the ladies like tequila and margaritas so much--tequila can be turned into synthetic diamonds!
  4. True tequila only comes from specific states in Mexico, the same way true Champagne only comes from the Champagne region of France.
  5. One of the best ways to drink tequila, besides having a margarita, is to sip it straight. Don't gulp down shots; slowly drink from a special tequila glass to appreciate the aroma and flavor.
  6. When you drink tequila, you're enjoying a hand-crafted, traditional product with origins that date back to pre-Hispanic times. Much of the work of harvesting and preparing the drink is still done by hand.
  7. Tequila's color ranges from clear to brown. Aging turns the drink golden.

Taste Tequila in Cabo San Lucas

Come stay with Solmar Hotels & Resorts in Cabo San Lucas and toast to Mexico and your vacation any time of year. Our luxury resort collection with poolside bars means you're never far from making margarita memories.

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