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Swim With a Friendly Dolphin - Solmar Hotels & Resorts

About 1 year(s) ago by MediaConnect
Swim With a Friendly Dolphin - Solmar Hotels & Resorts

There's a theory that humans came from the sea, way back in time. Maybe that's why the ocean calls to us so powerfully, why we long to make contact and understand the wisdom of the creatures of the deep. You'll get your chance to fulfill that longing on your Cabo vacation with a swim with dolphins experience.

Dolphin Swim in Cabo

Solmar Hotels & Resorts will make the arrangements needed for the thrill of a lifetime. You'll get to know the Pacific bottlenose dolphin through personal interactions. With options for kids as young as 4, everyone in the family can enjoy the cross-species experience. Even non-swimmers can meet dolphins, touching and playing with them from a shallow-water platform. Or join the dolphins in a swim, letting their powerful streamlined bodies pull you through the water as you hang on their fins.

If you want to truly understand these creatures, become a Trainer for a Day. You'll spend the day working with the dolphins' caring trainers, feeding the dolphins, and learning the behavioral training techniques the staff uses when they work with the animals. 

The swim with dolphins is just one way to enjoy the sea life that abounds near Cabo. Take to the ocean to snorkel or scuba and see the many fish, turtles, and sea lions that live offshore. A boat ride is a great way to enjoy the beauty above the ocean's surface; you might find a dolphin or a whale swimming alongside you. Or simply stroll along the water's edge, letting the waves kiss your toes.

Solmar Hotels at the Ocean's Edge

Solmar Hotels & Resorts five properties in Cabo San Lucas put you right at the ocean, making it easy to enjoy all of its beauty. You'll enjoy our pools, spas, and other amenities while surrounded by the beauty of Cabo. Come stay with us to fulfill your dolphin and vacation dreams.

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