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• Sea Turtle Conservation


The main objective of the liberation of young turtles is to "raise awareness", sensitizing participants on the importance of conservation of these and all species and the importance of protecting sea turtles in Mexico, allowing them to witness the miracle.

This event is free to access and take place between July and December on the beaches of the hotels in sponsoring the program to protect sea turtles. After hearing a brief explanation bilingual, participants have the opportunity to "liberate" a baby turtle a few meters from the coast, to witness this miracle of nature.

In our case, the release takes place at dusk, curiously, considering that the most common time to release it at night. This action is required due to high light pollution (which means the excess of light at night), which causes disorientation of the hatchlings and avoid leaving the open sea, where they are at less risk.

Evolution has endowed the newly born of an instinct called "positive phototropism, which means looking and head toward the brightest spot on the horizon. This allows them to leave to the sea quickly, for the simple fact that the sea will always be brighter than land. However, the presence of man on the coast and the mega-tourism development, facing the sea, produces too much artificial light, that the turtles are headed in the opposite direction to the sea, entering even into the streets or standing in a circle around lighting, falling prey to cats and other animals.

That’s why we recommend:
* Never drive ATV or other vehicle on the beach. They destroy 60% of the nests and damage to other species.

* When you walk on the beach, do it carefully. It is important not to try to return turtles to the sea. Please do not direct light to the turtles.

* Never grab or keep in captivity a turtle, this is a violation of national and international laws because they are endangered species.

* If you see someone harassing a sea turtle nests or looting, report it to the hotel guard immediately.

* Do not throw garbage or plastic bags on the beach or at sea. Plastic bags look like jellyfish and can cause injury or death to turtles and other marine life forms that consume them by mistake. HELP KEEP BEACHES CLEAN.

* Stay tuned to the marked sea turtle nests on the beach.

* The sea turtles are oriented toward the natural light you see on the horizon out to sea, but when there are artificial lights, the hatchlings are aimed at finding in certain death. Please turn off lights when are not in use or keep the curtains of the room closed to avoid glare and the lighting on the beach.

Dusk gives the hatchlings enough time to enter the sea and begin their difficult journey to the open sea where they will spend their first years of life. By nightfall, the young are already under way and will not return to shore. This fact gives the hatchlings a better chance to get out without becoming disoriented, also makes them vulnerable to predators, mainly birds and fish. But we must not influence in a natural process where sea turtles are an important part of the food chain.

In the speech provided to participants prior to releasing the baby turtles, briefly explains the importance of protecting sea turtles: the why and the how, explaining what will happen after they are released until they reach adulthood and return to reproduce.

Anyone can participate in the liberation of hatchlings to the sea, but must always comply with the instructions of the organizers, always seeking the welfare of sea turtles, above all else. The participant must have his hands clean free of chemicals such as sunscreen or mosquito repellent until to be told to release gently. All participants must release the offspring at the same time and then go back and witness the entry into the sea. After

  • Specimens arriving to our shores at Baja California Sur
  • On October 20, 86 turtles were released at 7:30 a.m.
  • On November 1ST, 78 turtles were released at 6:20 a.m.
  • On November 04, 50 turtles were released at 06:00 p.m.
  • On November 04, 59 turtles were released at 11: 10 p.m.
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  • 2010 / 09 / 05