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Solmar Foundation

• Learn more about the Solmar Foundation

Founded in October 2011, by the son of the late Don Luis Bulnes Moleda, the Solmar Foundation offers support to the local Los Cabos Community through various efforts in honor of Mr. Bulnes. The foundation support various charities in and around the destination including orphanages, humane societies, homeless shelters and nursing homes.

• Learn how guests can get involved - As a resort group we understand the importance of giving back to the local community and encourage our guests to recognize this as well through various efforts.

• Donation - All guests are invited to provide an optional donation of $10 or more to the Solmar Foundation at checkout, although minimal this monetary contribution goes a long way and helps those in need in an around Los Cabos.

• Helping Hands Tour - Guests of all Solmar Hotels & Resorts properties are invited to participate in a small act of "voluntourism" while staying at any of our properties.Each Wednesday & Thursday the Solmar Foundation provides guests with the opportunity to take a "Helping Hands" tour to four of the organizations supported by the foundation - an orphanage,