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Students and Grads

Solmar Hotels & Resorts is a Company with familiar warmness and we are always looking for talents. The students and grads will share their fresh vision at the same time and will be constantly in training and gaining experience.

Solmar Hotels & Resorts will encourage you to develop your career to high levels, as enthusiast collaborators who follow the philosophy of our Company.

Local and National Students

Our commitment with the students of local and national institutes allows us to welcome them to our internship program. If you are studying in a College and you wish to enter an internship, it will be our pleasure to provide you with more information in order to start the admission process.

International Students

Students of Foreign Universities are welcome; periods of international internships will vary from a summer, 2 months, a semester or a year, depending on the University requirements. The process is very simple and at the time we admit you, a letter will be sent to you for the visa process in the Mexican consul office in your country.


The Grads Program at Solmar Hotels & Resorts is 4 months.

To start the PRE program you should have just finished your degree of the related careers up to 1 year after graduation. Also you need to have an excellent performance status.

As a benefit you will have the great opportunity of getting started in the hospitality industry achieving experiences with one of the most important hospitality Company of México.

You will have a competitive salary. Included in the PRE program is the training, institutional courses, specialized courses and operative practices.

The PRE group will be selected from the grads who send us the documentation will be schedule for interview.

Solmar Hotels & Resorts offers permanent positions for those who excel in the program.

If you would like more information of our Students & Grads programs send us an e-mail to:

  • Solmar Hotels & Resorts are committed to the human development in order to create an exciting future together. Our success and achievements are due to our collaborators, the following are some of the awards:
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