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Human Resources

The corporate brand consolidation Solmar Hotel & Resorts, selling and marketing the timeshare and the provision of hotel services are our priority.

The search for growth in new markets is marked as one of the short-term objectives which aims to offer American and Canadian families mostly a quality product with a commitment to provide excellent service in the best location of Los Cabos.

Just as it pursues efficiency through better training and use of technology where the human factor is the most important taking into account the dignity, ethics, honesty, loyalty and integrity and altruistic participation in society.

Continue the legacy of the founding partners where efficiency mark the difference in achieving future corporate growth and to establish the Solmar Hotel & Resorts brand as one of the most significant legacies of our time.


We value our guests giving a friendly and courteous to transparent actions. And we respect the diversity of our people as the fundamental basis for the success of our Company.

At all times we act consistently with the values and policies of Solmar Hotels & Resorts.
We work with discipline and righteousness gaining credibility and trust.

We communicate our ideas openly and directly. We attend and hear the opinions of our employees and management.

We work towards a common goal as a team, giving an added value in carrying out
our assigned tasks. We stand to honor the ideals of Solmar Hotels & Resorts.

We conduct all aspects of our business honorably. We act consistently with what we say and do. All our actions demonstrate Solmar values and our commitment to the goals.

Strategic Aspects
First priority is the organization of structures where the job profile play an important role as benefit in attitudes and abilities of the human factor so therefore be reflected in better control procedures and quality service.

Technology should seek greater capacity where the methodology support information systems that we reflect the current information by using more comprehensive reports.